#RP from last nights @savetheyouthshowcase . Thank you for asking me to be apart of this lovely event. You can always count on music to bring people together. It was nice to see the youth from #WashHeights come together. #ItakesAvillage  #GIVELOVEAWAY styled and designs by @omo_diaja
Haloween ‘08 #TBT
Mornin! This is so exciting! On 3.14.14 (aka my BDay) I’ll be co-hosting and performing at the #UnitedPalaceTheater for the #SaveTheYouthShowcase We have to show these children that there are other things to do besides killing eachother and “holding down the block”! I hope you’ll be there to celebrate life with me! #WashHeights #HipRocknBRebel #ItTakesAVillage
#SaveTheDate Wow this is so exciting! On March 14, I’ll be co-hosting and performing at the #UnitedPalaceTheatre for the #SaveTheYouthShowcase  So you mean I get to do what I love, perform on a BEAUTIFUL stage AANND give back to my community for my BDay?!?! #ImDone I can’t think of a better way to spend my B Day #SuperGeeked
#TBT I think this is in Coney Island…
I am notorious for wearing my thoughts and emotions all over my face and I used to think this was bad. Truth be told faking the funk to make others comfortable is usually just a waste of energy. Just be honest with yourself in the moment and 9 outta 10 times people will understand and respect you for it… #HipRocknBRebel #LetALittleLightIn
I think I’ll make this my signature #RosoesChxNWaffle pose lolololol Omg that was so.good! #Lunch #Dinner and corn bread for #breakfast talk to me abt that #roadlife lol